Mila Kunis Had The Perfect Response To Being Booed On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

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Photo by C Flanigan on Getty Images

The Luckiest Girl Alive movie, which had its Netflix debut this month, is now being promoted by actor Mila Kunis. She dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live as part of her tour for an interview, and the audience was unexpectedly unfriendly to what she had to say. She didn’t express any political views and didn’t relate any crime-related tales, yet she nevertheless managed to stir up so much controversy that she almost got booed out of the studio.

Kunis opened the piece with a tale about having to wear children’s leggings that had been converted into underwear since she had forgotten her own underwear. According to Kimmel, “You seem like you could be a New Yorker, but you’re not a New Yorker,” as a result.

Someone in the audience began to boo, indicating that not being from New York is a serious offense. The conversation continued as Kunis revealed that she is, in fact, Ukrainian, something she frequently discusses. She continued by describing her journey to the United States, including her eventual trip to Queens, New York, where she had her first taste of Coca-Cola and afterwards a hamburger.

Did you eat pizza for the first time in New York, Kimmel followed up by asking? While she owned up, ““No, I did not have pizza in New York, but my dad delivered pizzas growing up, but in LA. LA has perfectly fine pizzas, guys!” It prompted even more jeers. If New Yorkers are offended because you are not from there, they will undoubtedly be offended by anyone who praises Los Angeles pizza.

Kunis cracked a joke to calm the booers:

“You know what?! I’m wearing children’s underwear for you.”

She continued, “There’s more to this story — just to get another boo…It was Domino’s Pizza.”

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