Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Who She Is Most Starstruck With

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The Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence just revealed the surprise list of celebs she would swoon over in a new interview. Most people would be completely starstruck if they ever ran across the Hunger Games heroine.

Lawrence stated in a cover interview for the inaugural edition of W Magazine in 2023, “I would be starstruck if I saw Jessica Simpson. That would knock me over.”

She continued by saying that, in her opinion, “Pete Davidson is one of the biggest celebrities in the world.” And I’m sure that a lot of other Hollywood starring females would agree. Lawrence said that one of Davidson’s most well-known ex is someone she admires (take a guess – its Ariana!).

“When Ariana Grande was in my last film, Don’t Look Up, I was photographed with her and I fully look like a radio contest winner,” she told the magazine.

However, the Oscar winner’s list of favorite celebrities has evolved over time. For instance, she said that when she was younger, the artist Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8er Boi” posters were part of her bedroom decor. Lawrence made a joke about how she didn’t fit in because her wall was also covered with images of adorable pets.

Her favorite movie is Father of the Bride, which she claims makes her cry the most. “Not when they get married, but when he sees her as a little girl and she’s like, ‘Mommy, Daddy, I met a man in Rome and we’re getting married,'” Lawrence said. “But I’m so sensitive now that I can barely watch anything with children or animals.”

Currently married to gallery director Cooke Maroney, Lawrence and Cooke have a son named Cy. She most recently appeared in the drama Causeway, which she also produced, as a lead. She portrays a veteran of the military who is in recovery from a traumatic brain injury sustained in a bomb-related automobile accident. It debuted in September of last year.

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