Why Did Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner Split After 13 Going On 30?

The movie 13 Going On 30 is merely a classic American rom-com. The coming-of-age tale features the iconic “Thriller” routine, a ton of memorable quotes, the vibrant Versace dress we all lusted after, and, of course, fantastic chemistry between Mark Ruffalo’s Matty and Jennifer Garner’s Jenna. While it’s clear that Ruffalo and Garner had a great time making the iconic movie, their friendship supposedly ended as the lights went out.

Ruffalo was questioned about his friendship with Garner during a 2014 episode of Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live. The Hulk star later admitted that he and Garner had lost touch after the 2004 release of the film.

“We had a great time together, and I think we would, but then Ben [Affleck] came on the scene and that was the end of that,” Ruffalo explained.

Cohen then jokingly replied, “I heard he doesn’t allow her to have male friends,” before clarifying, “I made that up!”

It’s significant to note that Ruffalo did not elaborate on the reasons for their estrangement despite bringing up Garner’s romance with Affleck, whom she allegedly initially began seeing in 2004.

Keen, Odette, and Bella are Ruffalo’s three children from his marriage to Sunrise Coigney in 2000. Garner, meantime, had Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel after marrying Affleck in 2005.

In contrast to Affleck, who is making news for rekindling his romance with Jennifer Lopez, who is now his wife, Garner and Affleck divorced in 2018. The actress is apparently now seeing businessman John C. Miller.

Although it’s possible that Ruffalo and Garner fell apart years ago, it appears that they have lately reconnected. They collaborated on the 2022 science fiction film The Adam Project. The couple plays Adam’s parents in the movie, who are portrayed by actors Walker Scobell and Ryan Reynolds.

While working on The Adam Project, Ruffalo tweeted about the movie 13 Going On 30. It appears that the two have made their friendship public on Twitter.

Additionally, Garner made sure to acknowledge her 13 Going On 30 co-stars Ruffalo and Judy Greer in the description of a cute Halloween video she posted on Instagram of two dancers performing the “Thriller” dance.

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