Harry Styles and Taylor Russell Are Reportedly Dating

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Aside from his incredible music and fashion sense, Harry is also known for dating beautiful and famous women, including Olivia Wilde, Taylor Swift, Emily Ratajkowski, and Kendall Jenner. And yes, we must agree that we are 100 percent fully invested in his romantic entanglements (if you know what I mean).

So who is his latest love interest? After months of speculation, it seems the pop sensation has found love with one of Hollywood’s most promising rising talents: Taylor Russell. In July, TMZ published photos of Russell in a VIP tent at Styles’s Love On Tour concert in Vienna. Russell is seen with her signature curled bob and wearing a white top with a low-cut V-shaped back. Fans have spotted Styles and Russell in public, fueling speculation about their romantic status. In June, TikTok user @ellahodgkinson shared photos of the pair walking together in London. Around the time of Styles’s show in Vienna, fans captured more footage of the rumored couple exploring the Austrian capital together.

Fast forward to August, the duo appear to confirm their romance, as seen in paparazzi photos published by Page Six. According to outlet, styles and Russell shared an intimate moment after Russell’s performance in The Effect at London’s National Theatre. Styles held hands with Russell, while Russell stayed by his side. They attended an after-party together, carrying Russell’s suitcase and purse. Styles and Russell are reportedly trying to keep their romance under the radar and avoid being photographed together.

But for a second, in terms of fashion, picture Harry and Taylor, two fashion stars with unique styles and industry ties, making their red carpet debut. Taylor, a worldwide brand ambassador for Loewe, and Harry, an Alessandro Michele muse The end result would be ripples on social media and real-world meltdowns.

FYI, you can keep checking here for additional information about Harry and Taylor.

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