Halle Berry Skillfully Responds to a Sexist Criticism Over Her Nude Photo

In this 21st century its’s not new for women to show a little self love to their bodies in any way they deem fit and well, some trolls continue to criticize women who are at ease in their own flesh. For Halle Berry, the Oscar-winning star made headlines this weekend when she casually posted a nude photo of herself sipping wine and reclining on a wrought iron balcony railing. While the risqué photo soon caused a fan frenzy, some people couldn’t help but voice their scathing opinions.

 “I do what I wanna do,” Berry wrote in the caption. Unfortunately, some people felt compelled to criticize the 56-year-old actress for her post. One Twitter user wrote “Imagine being in your 50s, still posting nudes for attention in menopause when you should be chilling with the grandkids. Aging with dignity is no longer a thing.”

Berry responded to the tweet, but she bypassed the ageist criticism by focusing on something else: “Did you guys know the heart of a shrimp is located in its head?” 

Berry then tweeted the same day to further emphasize her indifferent demeanor:  “This week is going to be filled with blessings ✨ Let’s speak it now.”

The sexist remarks on Berry’s photo are just a few examples of harsh criticism of women flaunting some skin. Actress Florence Pugh received criticism last year for donning a translucent Valentino outfit – and just last month, Ciara sparked similar criticism when she wore a thong-baring nude dress at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party. One user asked, “Husbands, would you let your wife dress like Ciara out in public?” as social media exploded in negative reactions. Ciara responded to the commotion by posting more gorgeous pictures and videos of how she looked.

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