Emrata Gives Her Sweater An Unconventional Twist for Fall

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In keeping with the sweater weather, Emily Ratajkowski’s daring street style is being updated.


The model and writer was spotted walking her baby son, Sly, and her dog, Colombo, in New York City yesterday. Ratajkowski chose an unusual ensemble for the occasion, a baggy baby blue sweater with the front and back featuring images of the late, great musician Prince. She paired the unusual top with cheetah-print pants, a pair of beige and white Nike x Tom Sachs General Purpose sneakers, a quilted black leather Chanel purse with a gold chain cross-body strap, and other accessories.


Keeping up with her love for prints, at the SNL after-party on October 15, Emily was spotted wearing a sculptural knee-high boots together with a low-rise tiger-print skirt, a chocolate brown shirt tied in a knot at the center of her chest, and a Louis Vuitton handbag.

The author of My Body recently traveled with her son to Mallorca in Spain for a vacation. On Instagram, she posted pictures of their trip, including ones taken in Sant Joan, where Ratajkowski claimed to have spent a lot of time with her family when she was younger.

“Today I brought my beautiful baby back to Sant Juan, the town where I spent every summer of my childhood,” she wrote in the caption. “As I walked Sly around this lovely man (third slide!) pulled over in his car and came up to me holding Mi Cuerpo (my book in Spanish!) He told me that him and his daughter have read it. Talk about a full circle, universe coming together, magical moment. I am so grateful for this life! 💛”

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