Alba Baptista and Chris Evans Have Reportedly Been Dating Covertly For “Over A Year.”

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People’s newest Sexiest Man Alive In actuality, Chris Evans has been in a relationship for a while. The 25-year-old actress Alba Baptista and Evans’s have been dating secretly for the past 12 months, according to the magazine.

Evans, 41, and Baptista have been dating “for over a year and it’s serious,” a source said. “They are in love, and Chris has never been happier. His family and friends all adore her.”

Although they haven’t posted any pictures of themselves together on Instagram, Evans and Baptista follow each other. Cosmopolitan reported that because Baptista’s mother used the same pumpkins Evans uploaded on his Instagram as her Instagram profile picture, fans had believed the two were dating weeks earlier.

Additionally, Evans has liked every Instagram post Baptista has made since October 13, showing affectionate boyfriend behavior, as well as her posts from July 15 and August 24, 2021. For People’s Sexiest Man issue, Evans discussed his desire to find the appropriate partner for marriage.

“That’s absolutely something I want: wife, kids, building a family,” Evans said. “When you read about most of the best artists, whether it’s actors, painters, writers, most of them [admit] it wasn’t the work they made [that they are most proud of], it was about the relationships; the families they created, the love they found, the love they shared.” “So it’s also something through my long 41 years that also rings true. Those things are the most important,” he added. “I love the idea of tradition and ceremony. I had a lot of that in my life, so the idea of creating that—I can’t think of anything better.”

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