Ben Affleck Was Seen Working a Dunkin’ Donuts Drive-Thru Shift in Massachusetts

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Ahead of the Big Game by less than a week, Dunkin’ provided a sneak peek at its 2023 Super Bowl commercial, which will almost surely include Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Dunkin’ started releasing teasers on social media earlier this week with the hashtag “Something’s Ben Brewing” and the Super Bowl’s scheduled date of February 12, 2023.

When Affleck and Lopez recorded sequences at Dunkin’ Donuts outlets in Medford and Revere last month, they attracted paparazzi’s attention. TMZ speculated that the camera teams were there to record a 2023 Super Bowl ad.

When they pulled up to the window at a Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru in Massachusetts, a few lucky customers were in for a surprise to find nobody but the Deep Water star handing out their coffee. Social media users posted pictures of Affleck and, at one point, Jennifer Lopez, who reportedly arrived to support her husband’s career change.

Videos show him completely covered in clothing bearing the tagline of the coffee business. Lopez, however, looked more fashionable with a white puffer jacket and turtleneck.

It turns out that Affleck’s quick visit to Dunkin’ Donuts was for a commercial that is reportedly going to show during the Super Bowl next month, according to Entertainment Weekly. The actor has not yet made any remarks about the project in the media.

In an interview with NBC10 Boston, a client by the name of Lisa Mackay described Affleck as “incredibly funny and quick-witted” when he delivered her her food. She also verified that she signed a paper authorizing the use of a video of herself, as well as the crew members’ claims that they were currently filming a commercial.

Affleck’s devotion to Dunkin’ has been well-documented and turned into a meme over the past few years. The “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” singer, who wed Lopez in a lavish Georgia ceremony last year, has now converted to the cause and has frequently been seen going to coffee shops with Affleck.

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