A Review of Prince William’s Dating Past


In 2011, when both Prince William and Kate Middleton were just 29 years old, they got married. However, they had already started dating in 2003 after first meeting ten years earlier while they were both students at the University of St. Andrews. However, their romance remained on and off for years before they finally made things official in 2007 and were engaged three years later. Having three children since their nuptials—Prince George in 2013, Princess Charlotte in 2015, and Prince Louis in 2018—they have expanded their family. However, William had a dating history of his own that was well-documented in the public at the time before the pair ultimately got married.

But before going to college, the older royal had a number of other relationships, some of which were almost simultaneous with his and Kate’s. Some of his former lovers, including one of his first loves, Rose Farquhar, whose wedding William secretly attended this past weekend, have remained close friends with William.

Here are all of Prince William’s known ex-wives, along with information on each of their relationships.

Davina Duckworth-Chad


Long before Kate entered the scene, William allegedly dated Davina in the late 1990s. The teenage lovers reportedly traveled together in 1999 on a vacation to the Aegean Sea, according to E! The two remained friends, but sadly, it wasn’t enough to make things work. Davina even received an invitation to the royal wedding in 2011. Another interesting truth is that Davina and William are blood relatives. She and William are third cousins removed because her mother was second cousins with Princess Diana.

Jecca Craig


When William visited Craig’s family’s Kenyan wildlife reserve as part of his service tour in 2000 during his pre-college gap year, they became friends. Due to their ambiguous status as a couple, there was supposedly some overlap between his relationship with Craig and that with Kate. However, according to royal writer Christopher Andersen in his book Brothers and Wives, it was King Charles III who finally corrected William.

Rose Farquhar

Farquhar was rumored to be William’s first love. Although details of her connection with the prince have not been widely reported, she and William have remained good friends ever since.

Image Source: Getty / Araya Diaz

Farquhar attended both Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s wedding and those of Prince William and Kate in 2011. And most recently, on December 17, Olivia Hunt, another of his ex-girlfriends and former classmates, was present at Farquhar’s wedding to George Gemmell in Cotswold Hills. William was also observed coming alone.

According to her LinkedIn page, Farquhar has continued to keep her own royal connections since her relationship with William. She is presently helping with special initiatives and business development at the Duchess of Rutland’s Belvoir Castle. She also infamously appeared in the 2016 auditions for The Voice UK.

Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe


Calthorpe, an aspiring actress and socialite, first met William on a summer trip to Greece while the prince was purportedly on a break from Kate. She is possibly his most committed love interest outside of Kate. According to the Daily Mail, William fell in love with her right away but was eventually dismissed due to her career goals.

“He had fallen for her in a huge way and wanted to be with her,” a source told the outlet. “He propositioned her several times that summer and although Isabella was single, she knocked William back and said it would be too damaging for her and her career.” The insider claims that the prince eventually rekindled his relationship with Kate, who did so “under the condition that he would not talk to Isabella again.”

Olivia Hunt

William dated Hunt, another of his former University of St. Andrews friends, for a brief period of time before he started dating Kate. Prior to Kate, Olivia was William’s final confirmed girlfriend. The relationship the two had during their time in college apparently ended when William encountered Kate at a charity fashion show. Olivia realized, fortunately for William, that his heart belonged somewhere else. She apparently still considers William and Kate to be “close pals.”

Arabella Musgrave

Arabella Musgrave

Prior to the Prince’s enrollment in college, Musgrave—the daughter of Major Nicholas Musgrave—dated him for a short while. However, James Tollemache, one of William’s companions, became their long-term relationship.

Carly Massy-Birch

William also had a relationship with Massy-Birch, a fellow college student. Massy-Birch characterized herself as a “real country bumpkin” and claimed it’s the reason she believed she and William got along while describing her friendship with the prince during an interview with Vanity Fair in 2010. “I think that was why we had a connection,” she told the magazine. “William was in the year below, and we just happened to meet through the general St. Andrews melee. It’s such a small place that it was impossible not to bump into William, and after a while there was nothing weird about seeing him around. We got on well, but I think we would have got on well even if nothing had been going on romantically. It was very much a university thing, just a regular university romance.”

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