Thanks to Jennifer Lopez Milky Nails are The Coolest French Mani Alternative

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Jennifer Lopez is adept at staying on top of manicure trends. Consider the French manicure, which has recently undergone several remixes, from minuscule widths to vibrant tips. But JLo adopted the style, then altered it once more to produce a stylish new substitute that she wore to her wedding.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez recently celebrated their second wedding. Her nails were also really lovely, even though the outfit and hair have already received much attention.

The singer chose a very long, tapered form for her manicure, painting it with a milky top coat and a semi-transparent, nearly white tone over the top so you could still see her white tips through it.

And in our opinion, her milky nails are equally appropriate for regular use as they are for elegant events like weddings. In fact, Jennifer had already driven in the shade…

Tom Bachik, Jen’s go-to manicurist, previously shared images of the singer sporting a similar look. He also designed her wedding day mani. There is “nothing more lovely than a summer-fresh, pure white,” he said at the time, posting a picture of J.Lo’s newly painted nails.

Even better, getting a manicure doesn’t always need visiting a nail parlor. It’s simple enough to create milky nails at home.

So much if we adore bright, elaborate nail art, every now and then a simple manicure may be energizing. J.Lo’s natural nails were shaped into gentle almonds by stylist Tom Bachik, who also coated them with Bio Seaweed Gel’s nail lacquer in the shade Be the Light for an impenetrable, milky-white appearance. And, as the name of the trendy alternative to French nails already suggests, it creates that sheer, light, fresh milky appearance.

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