Millie Bobby Brown Pulls Off the “Tinkerbell topknot”

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Cr: instagram/millie Bobby brown

Even while hairstyles are constantly changing, every now and again, a rare jewel remains. The ‘Tinkerbell’-inspired topknot hairstyle in this case is that hairdo.

Millie Bobby Brown understands this and also totally agrees that there is something about loose blue denim pants, a white bralette, and a disheveled updo that delivers vintage ’90s babe.

When it comes to her hair and makeup, Brown is known for continuously reinventing herself, but we can always count on the star to deliver something truly stunning. A recent Instagram post by this actor exuded leisure as he wore a casual outfit and an updo that instantly made Pamela Anderson from the 1990s come to mind.

In order to show off her dark shadow root, Millie has styled her blonde lengths into a sloppy bun. Of course, she is wearing the wispy full-fringe with framing layers at the front sides of her face, exactly like Disney’s Tink. The style and fringe of the “Tinkerbell” topknot are combined with the undone appearance of Pam Anderson’s updo to create a hybrid appearance.

Although Anderson was the only person to have this particular look, Brown gave it a personal touch by coloring her hair the coziest shade of blonde and adding face-framing tendrils to complete the look.

Vincent Zuffante on Getty Images
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