Temi Otedola Looks Like A Dream With Ginger Coloured Hair


No, our eyes weren’t playing tricks on us. The Instagram picture that Citation actress Temi Otedola shared last week, in which she appeared to have hair that was noticeably less light blonde, was not a red herring. It is, in fact, a red hairstyle.

For those who have been living under a rock, the copper hair agenda has been all over social media with people experimenting with the hue in a variety of tints like vivid tangerines, cinnamon-colored browns, and strawberry blondes. Temi’s hair is now a darker auburn tone. Because of her inches, this long wig extends past her waist. The straight hair is side wept. She wore a sheer crochet dress.

As far as we’re concerned, the crotchet dress and ginger hair are a match made in heaven.

On Thursday this week, the 26 year old also wore her ginger coloured hair with Sabina Musayev’s palomit long dress paired with prada’s Galleria embrioded jacquard fabric micro bag.

Get Temi’s Look:

Sabina Musayev
Palomit long dress

Prada medium Galleria jacquard tote bag

Sabina Musáyev
Donna Plissé Tie-Waist Midi-Dress

Medium Galleria Saffiano Leather Bag

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