How to Style Natural Hair in a Slicked-Back Bun

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The slicked-back bun is a popular hairstyle for curly and coily hair, suitable for any occasion. However, it requires patience and precision for those with type 3 or 4 hair. The process involves detangling and molding the hair, but no worries, as you read on this article offers trchniques to make the style easier.

Carefully Split Your Hair Into Different Sections

To create a slick back bun, section your hair with clips or hair ties and detangle with a boar bristle brush to avoid knots. Brush every layer for flatness and keep your curls wet for easier management. Because type 4 hair dries more quickly than other hair types, it is essential to maintain the hair moist for ease of movement. This guarantees a stylish haircut that meets your specific requirements.

Apply Product

To prepare your hair for styling, mix water and leave-in conditioner in a spray bottle, mist it all over your hair, and then add gel to each section (after you’re detangling). This will ensure your hair is adequately moisturized and smooth for the final look. This step is crucial for achieving a polished look.

Part Your Hair

Choose the desired section of your hair (center, side, or zigzag) and use a comb to define it before applying gel. To keep the portion line in place, add extra gel along it.

Pull Your Hair Back

To create a bun, brush and comb your hair until smooth, then pull it back into a tight low ponytail. Use hair bands with hooks on each end to keep the hair tight and twirl around as you create the ponytail, making it easier to achieve the bun. This step ensures the hair stays tight and secures the bun.

Twirl Your Hair Into a Bun

Twist your hair back and secure it with a hair tie or bobby pins. For a smooth look, add more product and hairspray to the front of your hair. Apply Flawless by Gabrielle Union’s Repairing Edge Control ($7.99) for a long-lasting hold and stimulate growth. Mousse or oil can also smooth flyaways.

Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste

Edge Control

Set the Style

To maintain a slicked-back bun, use a silk scarf to secure your hair, then apply a final mist of hairspray for added shine and hold. To keep your hair smooth, use a hooded dryer if you have one. This technique gives you a quick and simple way to style your hair while ensuring that the bun lasts longer.

Maintain Your Sleek Bun

Wear a silk scarf to bed to keep your look intact. Avoid brushing your hair in the morning; instead, use your fingers to spritz a fine mist of water into it. You’re set to go once you tie your hair back down and allow it to completely dry.

Style Ideas

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