Headband Wigs: What Are They and How To Care For It

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It’s easy to see how popular headband wigs have become as a quick, low-maintenance hairstyle by running a quick search for “headband wigs” on YouTube. What’s not to love, after all? They can simplify your everyday hair routine, are simple to put on, and are available in a range of styles and textures.

Despite being a simple protective style to apply, there are still some important details to be aware of before buying your own. To learn everything there is to know about headband wigs, read on.

What Is a Headband Wig?

Headband wigs don’t require lace and have an easy application process. They do not require any adhesive as the headband helps the wig stay in place. The built-in combs on a headband wig assist maintain it in place by securing it to the headband. This kind of wig frequently comes with additional headbands that you may swap out to coordinate with your outfit.

How to Apply a Headband Wig

A correct application of a wig begins with choosing the appropriate foundation, like with any wig. Fortunately, installing headband wigs doesn’t take much time or expertise. Depending on the length and thickness of your natural hair, you may not need to braid it in order to wear a headband wig.

Before you pull your natural hair back or braid it, make sure it is completely dry. Use the provided combs to secure your headband wig to your hair after placing it on your head.

You can accessorize the wig with your own headband or wear it with the one that comes with it to complete the look. It’s entirely up to you whether or not to add any patterns or swoops to your hairline.

How to Care For a Headband Wig

The type of hair used in the wig—human or synthetic—determines how you should maintain it. Human hair is the best choice if you want a wig that is higher quality, more durable, more versatile. Co-washing is advised to keep human hair moisturized. Deep condition it as often as necessary to give the hair some extra TLC.

Contrarily, synthetic hair is less durable and less flexible to style than human hair. Nevertheless, it is frequently a less expensive choice. Follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully if your headband wig is composed of synthetic fibers rather than real hair to prevent damage to the item.

Products: Products like Curls’ Hair Under There Bomb Braid In Conditioner ($12.99) to maintain your headband wig and Hair Under There Soothe and Cool Me Scalp Potion ($13) for post-wig scalp relief.

To prevent frizz and tangling while not being worn or styled, put your wig in a satin bag or wig head.

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