The Most Subtle Yet Intricate Detail Can Be Found in Gabrielle Union’s Fulani Braids

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Gabrielle Union demands nothing less than stunning Fulani braids for a project that, in her words, is unlike anything else she has ever worked on. The Inspection, an A24 film featuring Union as the bigoted mother of an aspiring homosexual Marine who persistently seeks her approval, had its world debut at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 8. The actress came there on that day.

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According to her statement on the movie’s Instagram page, this endeavor is the most significant and difficult one she has ever taken on. Union talked with tremendous calm as two defining plaits flowed in front of her face and dipped just below the temples while wearing a Vivienne Westwood pearled necklace (a signature factor of this particular protective hairstyle).

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Her two front-facing braids had a thread of what seemed to be black rubber ribbon weaved into them at around earlobe length; the addition was so subdued that it blended in with the rest of her dark hair. The remaining of Union’s braids were then firmly fashioned back behind her shoulders in a manner that matched the pattern of her middle-parted crown, placing all the attention on her radiant d√©colletage.

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