Beauty Vlogger Chizi Duru Debunks 3 Common Myths About Natural Hair

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Beauty vlogger, Chizi Duru debunked several myths about maintaining natural hair via her YouTube channel. In present times, there has been a steady rise of women who have embraced the idea of  wearing their natural hair, although a huge percentage still prefer theirs straighten. Reasons because there’s been a lot of myths surrounding the growth and versatility of natural hair.

Chizi was able to address 3 common myths, from trimming hair for growth and using water to saturate and refresh your curls.

Myth 1: Trimming your hair will make your hair grow faster

This is false. According to the beauty expert trimming only makes your hair break less. Trimming unhealthy split ends regularly not only reduces hair breakage and flyaways but also gives it a thicker and even shinier look.

Myth 2: Glossy or Shinny hair means your hair is moisturized or hydrated

This is false, oil only acts as a sealant. She says for your hair to be fully moisturized you need the ultimate moisturizer which is water. She also advice the use of hair products that contain water & formulated to penetrate your strands.

Myth 3: The best way to refresh your curls is to saturate your hair with water

Although water is an ultimate moisturizer, water alone can be damaging to your natural hair. This is because our source of water can have a lot of chemicals i.e. hard water. On this she advice’s you use products that provide nourishment, slip, define your curls while also counteracting oxidative damage.

Chizi Duru is a beauty vlogger of Nigerian decent who talks about every 4c hair-related content on her YouTube channel you can possibly think of. Topics ranging from straightening her Afro to the frustrations she deals with her natural hair and so much more.

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