The Air Cut is the hairstyle that is sweeping TikTok.

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TikTok is embracing the air cut hair style. With TikTokers all around the world showcasing the appearance, the trend originated in Korea and has now spread internationally.

What is the air cut?

The air cut uses a method that includes cutting layers that are very closely spaced and focusing them at the forehead and around the face to provide a framing effect and wispy fringe. The layers are supposed to seem fluffy and light as you brush or run your fingers through the hair.

The versatility of this cut, which suits hair in both short and curly styles, is one of its advantages. The air cut is adaptable and may be styled in a variety of ways. It should come as no surprise that it’s trendy with a style this approachable.

The air cut, which focuses on layering as was already discussed, may provide significant structure and volume to fine hair while minimizing weight on thicker hair. However, it is essential that stylists use caution while layering and customize any layers to meet the specific hair demands of each client.

Depending on their specific hair type, stylists will have to educate clients on how to maintain the look at home. It is possible to suggest volumizing spray, curl cream, and a blow-dry brush. In order to keep the cut’s airy, voluminous appearance as the hair begins to grow out, customers should go in for a trim six to eight weeks following the initial styling.

What are the advantages of the air cut?

Recently, breezy haircuts shared by TikTokers like @jujujucloe, @lookwhoshira, @cynthiadhimdis, and @arinekim have gone popular. Not only are the results stunning, but the layers give delicate hair substantial volume. If your hair is particularly thick and weights you down, the style may have the opposite effect depending on how it is trimmed.

This cut looks fantastic on a variety of hair lengths, which is another great feature. That includes having short hair, which is why the hashtag #airybob has its own TikTok account. On curls, the air cut is very captivating.

Be cautious, though, if your hair is really fine. Layering can be beneficial, but it must be tailored to the client’s hair and restricted to particular places. Instead of removing weight, layering adds texture and dimension. When layering, be cautious not to take too much length since highly curly hair bounces up a lot after it is chopped. This style works well with very curly hair.

Spray a volumizing spray into the roots of your hair softly for the complete airy look. Additionally, give Andrew Fitzsimons MODEL Volume Wave Spray (SHOP HERE) and Color Wow Raise The Root Thicken & Lift Spray a go (SHOP HERE). Velcro rollers are an excellent technique to add volume at the root if you have any on hand. The hair should be 99% dry before being rolled up and sprayed with salt. Finish drying the hair with a diffuser on low heat, and after taking the rollers out, gently brush your hair. This will provide volume that is effortless.

Your best option is likely rollers. However, if you have good hand-eye coordination, you might use a round brush and a hairdryer. Here is an instructive video.

A fast towel dry and a scrunch with curl cream can work wonders for hair that has many layers. Use a hairdryer to disperse or let this dry naturally. This is a more casual variation that is still lovely and simple. Invest in the Dyson Airwrap for maximum volume (SHOP HERE) and flow if you have a larger budget (or a Christmas wish list).

High Tops Self-Grip Rollers

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Guava Beach Waves Texture Spray

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In order to demonstrate the layering process, this will provide the bouncy blow-dry effect. An excellent substitute is a less expensive blow-dry brush.


This is Korean Medium Layer❣️ Cocok banget buat kalian yang punya rambut dengan kepanjangan medium dan ingin terlihat lebih berdimensi🥰 Yuk untuk Beauty Lovers yang tertarik dengan guntingan ini, langsung aja DM kami untuk appointment ✨ Hair cut by @denis_irwanteam Blow dry by @dewa_empo (Follow @irwanteamhairdesign for more content like this) #irwanteam #irwanteamhairdesign #irwanteamsalon #layerhaircut #koreanhairstyle #koreanhaircut #mediumlayeredhaircut #layeredhaircut #salonjakarta #rambutsehat #hairstyleinspo

♬ suara asli – Irwan Team Hairdesign – Irwan Team Hairdesign

How are the air cuts maintained?

Not for salon-shy people, the air cut. The airy, voluminous style that’s evocative of the cut will get difficult to recreate after six weeks as your hair starts to grow out, just like with any heavily-layered style. the regaining of weight. In addition to growing, layers sag. Since it’s probable you’ll forget, we usually advise scheduling a trim every six to eight weeks. Make sure to do this before you leave the salon.

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