Kim Kardashian Went Makeup-Free in a TikTok Morning Routine Video

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Kim Kardashian is promoting her SKKN brand with a TikTok strategy.

The reality TV star gives viewers a little glimpse into her daily routine in a recent TikTok video while also making a rare appearance without makeup.

She starts the video by applying one of her SKKN products to her clean, bare face while sporting a plain white ribbed tank top and high-waisted blue trousers. She prepares a cup of coffee using a Nespresso machine later in the video. StudioFitnessDiva’s popular TikTok audio is playing in the background.


My first tik tok without North. I’m feeling myself!

♬ original sound – StudioFitnessDiva

The business mogul provided a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the development of SKKN back in June and credited her ex-husband Kanye West for aiding in the creation of the brand’s distinctive minimalist packaging.

“Of course, my creative process wouldn’t have been complete—and I always give credit where credit is due—without Kanye or Ye,” she said in her Instagram Story at the time. “He brought his team and introduced me to Willo [Perron, a designer] and came up with the new name. That was actually his idea. And the packaging shapes were his and even the fonts he did, just like SKIMS.”

She added, “You guys should have seen the first set of packaging. When I tell you Kanye walked in the room and was like, ‘This is not it,’ and he was right. Packaging is definitely his thing.”

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