Kendall And Hailey Use This Makeup hack For A Sculpted Skin

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Ever wondered how Kendall and Hailey get their flawless look? Thanks to beauty aficionado Tara Sigari, we get a sneak peek at how their look comes together.

Sigari posted a video of her thorough analysis finding on Instagram. She captioned the post:
“If you’re anything like me, you probably also love @kendalljenner and @haileybieber makeup looks! Well my favorites have been done by @maryphillips ! I did some research and I wanted to know how she creates these natural glow yet sculpted base skin looks on her clients! They are always have natural yet glowing skin, these are the techniques I picked up
contour and conceal underneath after your skin, care and lightly go in with a foundation on top”

Phillips begins her glam look with contour, according to the beauty content creator. The A-list look, according to Phillips, is achieved by shaping the face with a contour stick, which may surprise individuals who apply foundation and concealer first. Following her skincare routine, Sigari applies contour, then uses concealer and a thin layer of foundation, blending it all together with a fluffy powder brush.

At the end it’s obvious Sigari has unlocked a new level of glam. Additionally, Sigari claims that she didn’t really notice any creases or lines and didn’t feel the need to “bake,” which is a crucial component of making the look last.

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