Yemi Alade Reps Africa at the 2021 Earthshot Prize Awards

Credit: Yemi Alade

Afrobeats sensation, Yemi Alade performed at the first-ever Earthshot Prize ceremony at the Alexandra Palace, London, England on Sunday and represented Africa with spectacular outfits.

The award, created by Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, was inspired by John F. Kennedy’s “Moonshot” pledge to get Americans on the moon. The Earthshot is also designed to inspire innovation — but not to reach the heavens. The Earthshot is a bid to keep the planet we currently inhabit liveable for future generations.

The music star delivered a beautiful rendition of her hit single “Rain” at the ceremony — and did so in a gorgeous red Ankara playsuit by STYLE BY ATHENA alongside KSI and the Mark De-Lisser singers.

Credit: Yemi Alade

The ankara romper featured a sultry train detailing. Yemi completed the look with the Betsimisaraka hair. The Betsimisaraka hairstyle originates from Madagascar from a popular group, the Betsimisaraka and was worn by women in late 19th early 20th century (hence the name).

Credit: Yemi Alade

On being invited to perform by the Royal family, the star said it was an honor “The event was simply amazing and I am elated to have represented Africa and Africans on global stage. It’s our time to shine and the world is focused on our music. I appreciate the Royal family and Prince William for the honour extended to me”.

Credit: Yemi Alade
Credit: Yemi Alade

Actors and activists strode down a green carpet at Alexandra Palace in north London. Emma Watson, Emma Thompson and David Oyelowo joined Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, in handing out the awards, with a £1m going to each winner.Guests were asked to “consider the environment when choosing their outfit” .

Credit: Yemi Alade

For her second outfit, Yemi Alade wore a Dinka corset traditionally worn by the Dinka of Sudan. The Dinka are a group of several closely related peoples living in southern Sudan along both sides of the White Nile. They cover a wide area along the many streams and small rivers, concentrated in the Upper Nile province in southeast Sudan and across into southwest Ethiopia.

The DDinka corset traditionally called the Manluwl is worn by men to indicate their wealth in the community which was usually calculated by the size of their herd. The female version – Alual is a necklace. Both are made up of colorful beautiful beads.

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