Nigerian Fashion House VicNate Releases AW20 collection, EXORDIUM

VicNate, a Nigerian fashion house run by  Ifeoma Amuta released its AW20 collection- EXORDIUM. Perfect for the typical party girl, Exordium is filled with ranges of sparkly and glitter dresses including -lush satins, boldly embellished sequin pieces and short embroidered black dresses – A must have!

According to the brand, the collection aims to empower women and the idea that women should be sexual beings in the way they prefer. Our fall 2020 collection EXORDIUM is about empowering women and the idea that women should be sexual beings in the way they prefer, the collection was inspired by the art of a woman’s lifecycle, we divided the collection into two parts.

Inspired by the art of a woman’s life-cycle, the collection is divided into two distinctive parts – One for an older generation of women and the second for a younger generation of women.

Older generation

The looks are made in jewel tones to enhance the beauty of our dark skin and celebrate the female figure in a minimal yet sexy way

Older generation

The second part of the collection appeals to a younger generation of women who are daring and wild. The dresses are all black with beautiful lace cutouts to enhance the female body very effective ways.

Younger generation

Appealing to a younger generation, Exordium’s second part consist of all black dresses. A distinctive feature is the lace cut-outs seen on the black dresses.

Younger generation

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