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Quarantine hairstyles All Black Women Should Try Out |Natural Hair Care

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Black haircare is a major industry – estimated to be worth about $774m as of 2019. For many black women, going to the salon is an important event (regarded by some as luxury and as a necessity for others), with the COVID-19 and quarantine rules put in place to maintain social distancing, non-essential business – including salons have been forced to close.

With lots of time in their hands and many black women continue to practice different hairstyles – from braiding their hair or learning new DIY hair tutorials.

Here’s the tricky part – washing the hair is easy but styling after is a complex step for many who do not wear a natural style. Many women are now faced with a new dilemma “What can I do with my hair?”

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No need to worry, we’ve compiled easy-to-do quarantine hairstyle for you to try. These YouTube tutorial videos are easy to learn and help keep both hair and sanity in check while also being entertaining and fun to watch.

1. Afro puffs – This simple style is created by parting the hair down the middle to two “puffs” of hair. It is one of the easiest hairstyles to do with a natural hair.

2. Half Braid, Half Afro – This dynamic hairstyle can be styled in so many ways.

3. Bantu Knots – Bantu Knots can be done with braids, curls or o their own – doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short. Proudly African this hairstyle originated from South Africa.

4. Halo Braids: A halo braid is one braid run around your head along the hairline. It is similar to a crown braid. This hairstyle is so versatile but unfortunately not for short hair.

Halo braid on short 4C hair by Adanna Madueke
Halo braid on stretched hair by Chizi Duru

5. Twist Outs: This hairstyle is great for natural hair and can be done using variety of techniques.

The Perfect Twist Out by Slim Reshae

6. Jumbo Knotless Braids: Unlike the traditional knot braids – knotless braids are done by braiding your hair first before slowly feeding the braids

Easy Knotless Braids Tutorial by Kylie Amaya

7. Stretch hair: If you worry about your hair breaking, use this heatless stretching method. All you basically need are hair bandsor ponytail holders

Easy Blowout on natural hair by The Chic Natural

8. Flat Twist: Flat twist are similar to cornrows but more east to do- plus side a good protective hairstyle

Easy flat twist out tutorial by AbbieCurls

9. Sock bun – This hairstyle doesn’t ever go out trend.

Low Texture Bun on 4C by Chizi Duru
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